"On Your Mark!"

An Educational Nutritional Program at Your Facility

"On Your Mark!" is designed to provide children and adolescence with basic information on nutrition, cooking, and healthy lifestyles habits. It is presented in a comprehensive, fun, and interactive way that will help them develop healthy habits that can easily be applied to their daily lives.

We offer 6-Consective Week Sessions, for one hour per week, to accommodate up to 40 students per session at your pre-approved facility. We also custom design programs for camps (winter, spring & summer and after-school) to accommodate the larger student body. Each session is designed to teach a new skill and to reinforce educational standard they've already learned. They'll have too much fun to realize that they are actually learning.

Session One: Kitchen Safety & Sanitation and Exercise

This will cover basic kitchen safety and sanitation. They also learn the key components for incorporating simple forms of exercise into their daily routine.

Session Two: Weights & Measures and Cooking Exercise

This will be an opportunity for them to learn to measure and weight various items. They will also utilize math skills to reduce and increase a recipe.

Session Three: Nutrition Labels and Shopping Game

This game is designed to combine the 6 major food groups in the food pyramid chart using only the sense of touch, taste, sight, and smell while exploring new foods.

Session Five: Portion Control and Meal Plan Game

This game will teach the students how to plan a well-balanced meal. They will also learn what constitutes a single serving size or what is a proper meal portion.

Session Six: Course Review and Cooking Exercise

This is the best time of it all. Using the skills that they have learned they will follow a recipe and prepare a treat for themselves.

In addition to "On Your Mark!, CrumbSnatchers cookbooks and cooking products are specially designed for the youth at your school or organization.

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